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Research Areas

My current research focuses on three main areas:

  1. The treatment and assessment of Complicated Grief. I serve as the Biostatistician for The Center for Complicated Grief at the Columbia School of Social Work. (PI: M Katherine Shear)

  2. Assessing the impact of state-level medical and recreational marijuana policies on substance use and other consequences (PI: Silvia Martins).

  3. Assessing the impact of the Affordable Care Act on health insurance and substance use treatment among low income individuals with substance use disorders (PIs: Mark Olfson and Ramin Mojtabai).

Selected Publications

Mauro C, Tumasian 3rd R, Skritskaya N, Gacheru M, Zisook S, Simon N, Reynolds CF, Shear MK (2022). The Efficacy of Complicated Grief Therapy for DSM-5-TR Prolonged Grief Disorder. World Psychiatry. In Press. Supplementary Materials

Mauro C, Shear MK, Wang Y (2019). Integrating Multiple-Domain Rules for Disease Classification. Statistics in Medicine. 38 (16), 3091-3104. link to abstract

Mauro C, Reynolds CF, Maercker A, Skritskaya N, Simon N, Zisook S, Lebowitz B, Cozza S, Shear MK. (2019). Prolonged Grief Disorder: Clinical Utility of ICD-11 Diagnostic Guidelines. Psychological Medicine. 49 (5), 861-867 link to abstract

Mauro C, Newswanger P, Santaella-Tenorio J, Mauro PM, Carline H, Martins SS (2019). Impact of Medical Marijuana Laws on State-Level Marijuana Use by Age and Gender, 2004–2013. Prevention Science. 20 (2), 205-214 link to abstract

Related Media Coverage:

Mauro C, Shear MK, Reynolds CF, Simon N, Zisook S, Skritskaya N, Wang Y, Lebowitz B, Duan N, First M, Ghesquiere A, Gribbin C, Glickman K. (2017). Performance characteristics and clinical utility of diagnostic criteria proposals in bereaved treatment-seeking patients. Psychological Medicine. 47 (4), 608-615. link to abstract